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This coin is available only to members of the "Old  Fighter Pilots " Facebook group. A code word will be needed in order to place any orders for the coin.

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FIGHTER PILOT  2018 Reunion Challenge Coin

This coin was made for the reunion of US and Vietnamese Fighter Pilots when the US aircrews visited Hanoi in October, 2018. Here is a little back ground on the coin design from Tom Hanton, F-4 WSO and POW, who attended the reunion and was involved in the design of the coin:

"Background on the first meeting of the US and Vietnamese aircrews in 2017, that was held in San Diego, Ca.  Nine American former pilots and one RIO hosted the meeting with thirteen Vietnamese pilots in the US. The Americans went out on the internet and invited any/all of us who had tangled with Migs during the war, or who were just interested in it, to attend the meeting both to get good looks at the Mig pilots “up close and personal” and to add to the stories. I went. There were about 25—30 American former aviators in all. Among the Mig pilots were guys who had flown the Mig-17, the 19 and the 21, and among them were three retired Lt Generals. Two of the Lt Gens were aces with six kills each, and the other one had four. Most of the other ten pilots had American kills. Among the Americans were navy F-4 pilots and RIOs, USAF F-4 pilots and WSOs, F-105 pilots, and two navy guys who’d flown the A-1 and A-4. Our Navy Phantom crew who made ace, Randy Duke Cunningham and his RIO, Willy Driscoll, were there. Six American former POWs were there too, four Air Force and two navy." 

VIETNAMESE PILOTS: Mig-17, the 19 and the 21,  … at least 13 kills credited to them

US AIRCREWS: F-4,  F-105,  A-1,  A-4  ...  at least 5 kills credited to them

6 POWs

The Vietnamese invited the US group to Hanoi and a visit was made in October, 2018. As a token of good will, this coin was made and presented to the Vietnamese pilots.

NOTE: Very limited quantities. Email me before placing order to make sure that they are still in stock, at;






Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.34.20

Front of the coin

For the US side of the coin, a US flag with an F-4  orbiting it is placed in the center area, with "COMBAT THEN, PEACE NOW", used as the motto. Location was San Diego, Ca.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.34.20 PM 2.

Back of the coin

The Vietnamese side of the coin has their flag with a Mig-21 orbiting it in the center area, with the same wording only in Vietnamese. 

Combat then: Ngày xưa chiến đấu

Peace now: Ngày nay hoà bình

Mig Pilots: Phi công QCPKKQ Việt Nam

Hanoi, Vietnam: Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Obtaining Your Coin

The cost of one coin is $15 (US Mail). Your cost covers shipping and handling.
Additional coins can be purchased for $10.00 per coin in the same order. The initial ordering form shows a cost of $10.00. At checkout, you will select the quantity and the $5.00 s&h will be added. If you are outside the U.S., please email us at, before you order, and let us know how many coins you want to order, your exact overseas address and we will find out postage on a case by case basis.  All proceeds from the sale of the coin will go to the River Rats Museum funding campaign. If you have any questions or comments on the coin or the ordering of it, please send us an email at 

 Purchase online via Paypal


If you have any questions, contact:

       Craig “Pontiff” Pope


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