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This coin is available only to members of the "Old  Fighter Pilots " Facebook group. A code word will be needed in order to place any orders for the coin.

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SCRAPPY's 100th 

Birthday Challenge Coin

Very Limited Supply. Place your order so you don't miss out on this chance to be a part of the celebration of Scrappy's 100 birthday.

In conjunction with Scrappy's 100th birthday celebration, being held on Feb. 2, 2020, a special challenge coin has been produced to commemorate this very special event. The coin is two-inches in diameter, finished in antique silver with a smooth edge. If you have read Scrappy's book, then you know all about what is on the coin summing up some of his greatest achievements. From the F-104 World Altitude Record to the River Rats to The Joint Mission. Quantities are very limited so order now to get your coin before they are gone.






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Front of the coin

The front  highlights some of Scrappy's major achievements over his 30 year Air Force career. From 7000+ hours in over 15 different aircraft, to setting the World Altitude record in 1958 in an F-104, to being inducted into both the Kentucky and Florida Aviation Hall of Fames. 

Back of the coin

The back covers Scrappy's two combat tours with additional details of each, his Air Force career, his two wonderful wives, being the founder of not only the River Rat but being heavily involved in the formation of  "Joint Mission". Click here for more information of Joint Mission.



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