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Red River Valley
Fighter Pilots Association

About the Association

Our mission is to promote the commraderaie and traditions of the Red River Valley Fighter Pilot Association,"the River Rats,” for those who have come before us and to current members and those wanting to become a River Rat. While flying fighters is not a requirement to be a River Rat, we are united by a shared "Aviation Warrior Spirt.”

Born in the flak filled skies of North Vietnam…

Forged in combat through camaraderie and brotherhood…

Dedicated to each other and our fellow warriors…

The Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association takes care of our own.

  • Over 3,700 members and growing

  • Advocates for wounded vets and their families, airpower, and airmen

  • Provided  over $2 million in scholarships for over 1,100 kids of fallen aviators

  • Provided over $1.2 millions in IRS 529 College Savings Plans for 161 children of fallen aviator families through the Air Warrior Courage Foundation

  • Foster leadership amongst the youth of military aviation

  • Donated millions of dollars, and countless hours, to wounded warriors and their families at Military Medical Centers

Our Impact

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