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                             23 March 19  TC

The Billy Sparks Pack held their latest TC on 23 Mar 19 at Hangar 5 on Bowman Field. Over 18 people turned out and were treated to a wonderful video and narration by pack member Tim "Sparky" Sparks. He brought a video of flying the EA-6B Prowler off the USS Saratoga during Desert Storm. Man - O - many guys can they fit in those carrier sleeping rooms! Crazy. A big SH goes out to Aggie for donating the Bearno's pizza for the evening.

With April being the River Rat national reunion, our next event is looking to be a road trip TC with guided tour in May, at the Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton. BS Pack member Bruce Dobbs has offered to give us a guided tour of the museum. We will have more details on doing a 1-day and possibly a 2-day tour of the museum. Once we get some dates, we will send them out to pack to see who can make it and we'll go from there to make sure we can have maximum participation by the Billy Sparks pack. If you haven't been to the museum lately, this will be a must attend event.

 Our next local TC will be in June and we are working on another great guest speaker, so stayed tuned.

Pack members included UK Senior Ty Burt, Tim "Sparky" Sparks, Guy "Gabby" Morgan (and most of the Morgan clan!), Jeff "Jammer" Moore and wife Patti, John McCrillis, "Smokin Joe" Bianco and wife Mary Ellen, Tom Keating, Gary Compton, Keith Balcom, Wayne Reecer, (who worked on the B-36!), Craig "Pontiff" Pope (taking picture), and kneeling in front, Wyatt "Aggie" Stedman and Jammer's daughter's dog, Rowdy (do not confuse the two).

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