UK and & UofL Detachment Events  16/17 Nov 18


BillySparksPackmembersKeithBalcom,JakeJakovenkoandJeffBushman, attendedtheUniversityofKentucky’sAFROTCArnoldAirSociety/SilverWingsdinneronNov. 16th.CadetBaileyZimanorganizedthespaghettidinnerandpackmemberJeffBushmanpresentedherwithaRiver Ratchallengecoin for her efforts.


UKCadetMatthewPhelaninvited the pack to participateinthisyear’sPOW/MIArun, heldonNov.17th. About 140 cadets and cadre, from both the UniversityofKentuckyandtheUniversityofLouisvilleAFROTCdetachments, began the run fromtheUKcampusinLexingtontotheKentuckyVietnamVeteransMemorialinFrankfort. A total of 15people, including two cadre members, completed the entire 29-mile course. Of specialnote, thedetachmentsdedicatedthisyear'sruntopackmemberKeithBalcom’sbrother, Col. RalphBalcom, MIA, May, 1966 fromhis96thmissionintheF-105. Keithtalkedto thecadetsaftertherun, tellingthemabouthisbrother andwhatthisdedicationmeanttohim, which drove home the true meaning of the run. He presented Cadet Phelan with a River Rat challenge coinandrepresentedtheRiverRatsattheceremonyattheKentuckyVietnamVeterans later in the day. Sierra Hotel to both detachments.More information about the KY Vietnam Memorial can be found here:


The Billy Sparks pack is based out of the Louisville area and covers all surrounding areas of the Kentuckiana area. Our mission is to promote the commraderaie and traditions of the Red River Valley Fighter Pilot Association,"the River Rats,” for those who have come before us and to current members and those wanting to become a River Rat. While flying fighters is not a requirement to be a River Rat, we are united by a shared "Aviation Warrior Spirt.”



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