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TC at Bowman Field -- 2 NOV 18

 HUN Night!

Our HUN Night was a great time. Visiting F-100 pilot David Webb, told of his time the flying the F-100 in combat with the OHIO Air National Gaurd. Our local member, Keith Balcom, then told of sitting Nuke alert in Lakenheath, England, and how that would have gone down if the ballon went up. Those were some days! Meeting lasted a little over two hours and a good time was had by all. Next TC is Dec. 8th at 1830 at Hanger 5.


R-Mike Ridge, David Webb, Wayne Reese, Keith Balcom, Brett Lloyd. F- Aggie Stedman, Craig Pope, Ty Burt (UK Senior and going to pilot training)  John Wesly (Photographer)

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